[INT] IMB Newsletter: Latest releases

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[INT] IMB Newsletter: Latest releases

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The IMB Newsletter for April 2023 is here.
This time the Maglev Newsletter provides information on:

  • the LDIA 2023 Symposium in Hannover, Germany,
  • the upcoming MAGLEV 2024 conference in Malmö, Sweden,
  • the results of the MAGLEV 2022 conference in Changsha, PR China,
  • the current status of the Tokyo-Nagoya maglev project in Japan,
  • the current status of the Incheon Maglev project in South Korea.
If you have not yet subscribed, please do so at: https://www.maglevboard.net/en/newsletter

The newsletter is scientific, free of advertising and free of charge.
[We are a non-profit association]
Best regards,
The IMB Forum Crew

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