The International Maglev Board is an international non-profit organization. It is made up of internationally known transport scientists, engineers, experts as well as members of citizens' movements. The International Maglev Board does not in any way, shape or form endorse any particular manufacturer or industry group. We are beholden to no corporate interests.

The purpose of this website is to call for maglev systems to be included – objectively and fairly – in any and all long-range infrastructure planning and planning competitions. 

Maglev technologies are not wonderful sweeping innovations that will provide a quick solution for all the mobility problems of the world. However, in specific cases, maglev trains can certainly contribute to the organization of more efficient mobility. This aspect should be tested in individual cases, for specific projects, i.e., in a comparison with wheel/rail and air traffic, and should be objective and fact-based, without technical prejudice or bias.

The International Maglev Board (IMB) was founded in 1997 by Karl-Hartmut Blesik († 8 November 2006) and Johannes Klühspies.