The International Steering Committee (ISC) has the primary task to define the upcoming meeting places for the international MAGLEV conferences

Important decision-making criteria are current developments in science and industry as well as the goal of the appropriate promotion of relevant national maglev developments.
In the case of several applicants, the decision to the conference venue is carried out by secret ballot.

The committee is made up of 15 members, all of whom are experts in the Maglev field.

A new member is accepted by vote. Proposals for election can only be made by members of the ISC.


Honorary Chair:    Eisuke Masada (Japan)

Chair:  Hiroyuki Ohsaki (Japan)


  1. Laurence Blow (USA)
  2. Gerard Coquery (France)
  3. Antonio Carlos Ferreira (Brazil)
  4. Johannes Kluehspies (Germany)
  5. Guobin Lin (China)
  6. Friedrich Loeser (Germany)
  7. Ken Nagashima (Japan)
  8. Byung-Chun Shin (Korea)
  9. Hiroyuki Ohsaki (Japan)
  10. Sergey Smirnov (Russian Federation)
  11. Noriyuki Shirakuni (Japan)
  12. Richard Magdalena Stephan (Brazil)
  13. Michael Witt (Germany)
  14. Konrad Woronowicz (Canada)

Nominated for 2018: one representative from China.


Retired commitee members

Cassat, A. (EPFL, Swiss)
Ebihara, D. (IEEJ Fellow, Japan)
Goodall, R. (Loughborough Univ., UK)
Gurol, S. (GA, USA)
Jufer, M. (EPFL, Swiss)
Krishnan, R. (Virginia Tech., USA)
Leung, E. (Magtec Eng., USA)
Rote, D.M. (ANL, USA)
Yan. L. (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)


Deceased committee members

Post, R. F.  (LLNL, USA, 1918-2015)