IMB Professionals

Prof. Dr. Anatoly Fironov

Russian Federation

Dr. Anatoly Fironov is a full professor at the Russian University of Transport (MIIT), Moscow.


Professional Experience

Anatoly Fironov is an expert in the field of linear traction electric drive of transport systems with electromagnetic and electrodynamic suspension. He has worked in cooperation with many universities and organizations in the Russian Federation to create experimental equipment of linear electric drive with superconducting winding, including INC TEMP.

Dr. Fironov served as an expert for the high-speed railway (HSR) projects Moscow-St. Petersburg, Moscow – Kazan, conducted feasibility studies and calculated financial models of HSR projects. He has worked with the world's leading consultants and companies: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Freshfields, Systra, Aecom, Alstom, SNCF.

In the sphere of scientific interests his focus lies on modeling a asynchronous electric drive with vector control, synchronous traction electric drive with permanent magnets, linear electric drive with control algorithms by means of fuzzy logic and the use of software MATLAB.

Dr. Fironov developed and implemented the educational process at the University master's program "Infrastructure and operation of high-speed lines." He gives lectures and conducts teaching classes with undergraduates in the subjects "Transport systems with magnetic suspension", "Superconductivity and cryogenic engineering", "Project management of HSR", "High-Speed rolling stock", "Mathematical modeling of electric transport".

He is author of a numerous scientific articles, monographs and a regular participant of Russian and international conferences on magnetic suspension.