IMB Professionals

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schach

Germany, European Union

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schach is a professor emeritus of the Technical University Dresden.

Rainer Schach is a professor emeritus at the Technical University Dresden Institute of Construction Management. He also served as the dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering for many years.

Rainer Schach is an expert in Maglev Systems and High-Speed Railway Systems and has extensively published in books and experts' journals. He is a member of the Board of the Center of Excellence for High Performance Railways and Maglev Systems at the Technische Universität Dresden.

His main research areas are

  • Construction management in general (examples: contract management, tender procedures, site management, site layout, work management, construction methods, time scheduling, quality assurance)
  • Construction industry (corporate governance, organisation, investment analysis)
  • Cost evaluation and scheduling
  • High-Speed Railway Systems (Maglev-Systems)
  • Risk Management in Construction (cost estimation, activity duration, quality)
  • Applications of Neuronal Systems in Construction Management
  • Network Implementation in complex Turnkey Projects
  • Facility Management
  • Knowledge-Based Services in Building Management

Schach, R.; Peter Jehle, P.; Naumann, R.: "Transrapid und Rad-Schiene-Hochgeschwindigkeitsbahn: Ein gesamtheitlicher Systemvergleich".