TVE Test Site

The Emsland Transrapid Test Facility (TVE) was the testing site for Transrapid Maglevs in Emsland, Germany. construction began in 1980. The single track line still runs between the villages of Dörpen and Lathen. Turning loops are at each end. The track is elevated for almost its entire length to allow continued farming and grazing of the land occupied. Until 2007, the trains often carried paying passengers. Maglevs were regularly running at up to 420 km/h. All runs, including those with passengers, were fully monitored, with the last car in the three car trains filled with monitoring computers and engineers. 

The track was the site of the 2006 Lathen maglev accident. After that accident the runs were halted. Test runs with the new Transrapid 09 train resumed in summer 2008 and ended n 2009. Since 2010, the future of the test site is unclear.

In 2020 and 2021, there were proposals to continue using the test track for a Hyperloop system. The test site is currently still run by the IABG Co.