Russia, Russian Federation

Prof. Dr. Anatoliy A. Zaicev is the former Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation and  professor of Transport Economics  at the Emperor Alexander I. Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS).


Prof. Dr. Anatoliy A. Zaicev - D. Sc. (econ.) is a ...

  • full member of the Russian Academy of Transport,

  • full member of Expert Advisory Council on technical policy in the field of high-speed railway lines design, construction and operation in the Russian Federation,

  • full professor of “Transport Economics” department of Emperor Alexander I Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS),

  • Head of Research Educational Center (REC) of innovative passenger railway transportation development of PGUPS, Russian Federation.

From 1987–1996 and from 1997–1998 he was the head of Oktyabrskaya Railways, for the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation.
From 1996 until 1997 he served as the Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation.
From 2003 until 2011 he was a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, and the chairman of the standing committee on budget and taxation.

His major fields of interest are: development and assimilation of advanced world technologies in the field of transportation process organization, track maintenance, economic aspects of passenger and freight transportation, innovation transport development based on maglev technology.

Prof. Dr. Anatoliy A. Zaicev is the author of numerous scientific publications on railway transport economics, maglev transportation technology development in Russia. He is the organizer and scientific director of the annual International scientific conference “Maglev Transportation Systems and Technologies” ( that takes place in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.