IMB Professionals

Dr. Hyung-Suk Han

South Korea

Dr. Hyung-Suk HAN is a principal researcher of Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials' (KIMM) Deptartment of AI Machinery.

The Department has been leading the South Korean urban maglev ECOBEE project for decades.

The former name of this department is Dept. of Magnetic Levitation and Linear Drive. The Department has been leading the urban maglev ECOBEE project for more than 30 years. In addition, the department has also led the development of the high-speed Maglev SUMA550 vehicles.

Dr. Han has been in charge of ECOBEE vehicle development and vehicle performance test certification as head of this department for many years. During the ECOBEE and SUMA550 vehicle development process, Dr. Han gained a deeper understanding of the Maglev train systems. His computer simulation and test skills have contributed greatly to the stability of the magnetic levitation system and to the driving performance of the vehicle. In particular, he wrote many research papers on the dynamic interaction between the vehicle and the guideway. This experience has given him expertise in magnetic levitation train system engineering.

Dr. Han  is also applying the magnetic train technology to the development of non-contact conveyors that can be used in semiconductors and displays. Based on 15 years of experience in magnetic levitation train research and development, Dr. Han published an academic book titled "Magnetic Levitation" in 2016 through the Springer publisher. This book introduces Maglev principles and Maglev trains and other applications that apply to them.

Membership in other Professional Organizations:

  • International Editorial Board for Transportation Systems and Technology
  • Editorial Board for the Korean Society for Railway