IMB Professionals

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shmatchenko

Russian Federation

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shmatchenko is a vice-professor at Saint-Petersburg Alexander I. State Railway University.

Professional Experience

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shmatchenko and his team work in the following areas of recearch and educational activities:

  • technical systems modelling and designing;
  • technical regulation, specifically for RAMS and security issues, and its implementation;
  • business management systems (standard ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS));
  • safety management systems;
    digital railway radio (implementation of EIRENE requirements by means of GSM-R, TETRA and DMR systems in railways operations);
  • typical special requirements for EMS passenger Maglev system;
  • magnetic levitation and side stabilization on the base of permanent magnet assemblies.

With their expertise, Prof. Shamtechnko and his team contributed to several major projects in Russia:

  • high speed line Saint-Petersburg - Moscow;
  • high speed line Moscow - Kazan;
  • high speed line Ekaterinburg - Chelyabinsk;
  • IRIS standard implementation in railway industry enterprises;
  • safety management systems implementation in operational enterprises of Russian Railways;
  • preparation of technical regulation system for a Russian maglev transportation system;
  • magnetic fields investigation of permanent magnets assemblies.