Test Facilities

Special importance is accorded to the testing installations in Japan’s Yamanashi site and Germany’s Emsland facility as sites for concrete maglev projects. Here the special layout of the lines and specifications can be simulated and optimized for implementation in projects in far distant areas. The implementation timeframes for worldwide projects can be shortened considerably – sometimes by years – through pilot tests. 

Maglev system infrastructure can be developed faster and more economically when any problems that might occur during a realization project can be simulated on a full-scale test track beforehand. The optimization of operational requirements and rail bed parameters then takes place beforehand and not as a reaction to problems that arise, as is usually the case in wheel/rail projects.

In high-speed maglev transport as well as in regional or urban maglev transport, continuously active experimental and test routes are of considerable importance as tools for the realization and further development of transport projects and innovations.


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