2006 Germany: The MAGLEV 2006 Conference

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The 19th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives was held in Dresden, September 13-15, 2006.


Plenary Session: 

  • Welcome Adress: Masada, Eisuke
  • Welcome Adress: Großmann, Achim 
  • Welcome Adress: Staupe, Jürgen
  • Parliamentary discussion:  Eichel, Hans

Key Notes:

  1. Innovation of transport technology: von Randow, Matthias
  2. Bericht zum Projekt München: Wellner, Dieter
  3. Transrapid System: Development and State of the Art: Sens, Jörn F.
  4. Mit der Magnetbahn in die europäische Spitze:  Kerkloh, Michael


Photos of the Maglev 2006 conference

Photos:  courtesy of TU Dresden. © several photographers, some unknown.


Gala dinner

Photos:  courtesy of TU Dresden. © several photographers, some unknown.



Conference Agenda

Topic 1
MAGLEV Development, Projects and Operational Results of High Speed Applications worldwide

Experience in operation and maintenance of Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line and further application of maglev in China
Wu, Xiangming

The status of development and running tests of Superconducting Maglev
Shirakuni, Noriyuki
Terai, Motoaki
Watanabe, Katsutoshi
Takahashi, Kiyoshi

State of progress on the high-speed maglev line project between Munich’s central railway station and its airport
Keil, Johannes
Kretschmar, Markus

Transrapid Maglev System – Fields of Application
Atzpodien, Hans-Christoph

Study of Optimal Design Speed of High-speed Maglev Project
Liu, Wanming
Yao, Jinbin
Zu, Baofeng

Current Status of Maglev Development Programme
Nissen, Gunter

Marketing Strategy of the HSST System
Kwok, Gerald
Takahashi, Michio
Kubota, Koji

The Developmental Status and Future Prospects of Maglev Technology
Liu, Yuhong
Sun, Guangsheng
Wei, Rong

General Atomics Urban Maglev Program Status
Gurol, Sam
Baldi, Bob
Post, Richard

Global Modelisation of the Swissmetro Maglev using a numerical Platform
Jufer, Marcel
Bourquin, Vincent
Sawley, Mark

Summary of automatic operation of Linimo and achievement in opening year
Hibi, Osamu
Saito, K.

Technology and System Layout of the Transrapid Maglev Project Munich
Rausch, Christian

Project Approval Procedure
Neises, Frauke

Utilisation of the TRANSRAPID in Europe
Neumann, Bernd

Transrapid - Increasing push and pull of touristic destination
Godau, Armin

The Transrapid Superspeed Maglev Technology – System Characteristics and Market Potential
Wackers, Manfred

Transrapid Maglev Projects in the U.S.A.
Budell, Robert
Buss, Walter

US Maglev Coalition
Ferguson, Joe

California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project (CNIMP)
Cummings, M. Neil
Baldi, Bob
Buss, Walter
Chin, Hong
Hirschfeld, Wendall W.
Shearin, Gui

Innovative Stations for an Innovative Transport System – the Maglev Stations Munich Central Railway Station (“Hauptbahnhof”) – Airport
Marscholek-Uecker, Knut
Huhn, Gregor

Availability and Punctuality of the Transrapid system – Requirements and operating experience
Stephan, Arnd

The Transrapid Testfacility (TVE) – Practical testing for success in commercial operation
Metzner, Jörg

Approval Process for Maglev Projects in Germany
Kraft, Willi
Rebentisch, Michael
Topic 2
MAGLEV – New Ideas

The Experimental Verification of the Lift, Thrust and Guidance Forces Created by an Electrodynamic Wheel Rotating Over a Split-Sheet Guideway
Bird, Jonathan
Lipo, T. A.

Characteristics of superconducting magnetic bearings for 50kWh-class flywheel system
Kubota, Koji
Uchiyama, N.
Suzuki, E.
Yamauchi, Y.
Fujii, M.
Nakashima, H.
Ohsaki, H.

Basic Propulsion Characteristics of the Superconducting-Permanent Magnet Hybrid Conveyance System
Ohashi, Shunsuke
Dodo, D.

The Magtube low cost maglev transportation system
Fiske, Jim O.

The one-dimensional finite element analysis technique for real-time vibration control of thin-steel-plate
Kimihiko, Sato
Susumu, Torii

Super Conductive Levitation Based on the Magnetic Potential Well Phenomenon
Kozoriz, Vasyl

Preliminary experimental study on new contact-free linear drive system using diamagnetic material
Suzuki, H.
Suzuki, A.
Sasaki, S.
Ito, A.
Barrot, F.
Chapuis, D.
Bosgiraud, T.
Moser, R.
Sandtner, J.
Bleuler, H.

A Magnetic Levitated Switched Reluctance Motor System for High- Precision Position Control Applications
Cheung, Norbert C.
Gan, Wai-Chuen
Pan, Jianfei

SwissRapide Express, A Maglev High-Speed Line for Switzerland
König, Niklaus H.
Porath, Franklin E.

Photoelectric distributed energy supply for Maglev propulsion system
Plaxin, Sergey
Shkil, Yu.

Computational and wind tunnel experiment in high-speed ground vehicle aerodynamics
Prykhodko, Olexander A.
Sohatsky, Anatoliy V.
Polevoy, Oleg B.
Mendriy, Andrey V.

Electromagnetic Actuation for Rail and Road Vehicles
Sobolewski, Walter
Topic 3
Vehicles and Levitation/Guidance

Design Aspects of Coils for EDS Levitation Systems
Castelli-Dezza, Francesco
Andriollo, M.
Bertoncelli, T.
Rosati, D.

Characteristics of Linear Generator with SC Coil Configuration to Reduce Leakage Flux
Murai, Toshiaki
Sakamoto, Y.
Hasegawa, H.
Motoyoshi, T.

A Fuzzy based Treatment to reduce Air-gap Disturbance at the Rail Joints with Step-wise Rail joint
Jho, Jeong-Min
Sung, Ho Kyung
Bae, Duck-Kweon
Rho, Kyu-Sok
Lee, Jong Moo
Yoo, Mun-Hwan
Nam, Yong-Yoon

Development of new-type superconducting magnets for the Superconducting Maglev
Nishikawa, Yoichi
Igarashi, Motohiro
Kusada, Shigehisa

A turnout switch for the superconductively levitated transport system SupraTrans
Beyer, Christoph
Kühn, Lars
de Haas, Oliver
Schultz, Ludwig

Dynamic behaviour of a linear superconducting levitation transport system using YBCO bulk material
Kühn, Lars
Müller, Matthias
Schubert, Rainer
Beyer, Christoph
de Haas, Oliver
Schultz, Ludwig

Numerical analysis of elastic vibration of superconducting maglev vehicles
Ohsaki, Hiroyuki
Bando, S.

Development of superconducting magnet with HTS current lead
Ogata, Masafumi
Nagashima, Ken
Iwamatsu, Masaru
Inoue, Akihiko
Miyazaki, Yoshiki

GA Urban Maglev – Stable Levitation, Propulsion and Guidance
Jeter, Philip
Kim, In-Kun
Bever, Daryl
Doll, David
Jaskolski, Corey

Multifunctional Magnetic Vibration Simulator for EDS Maglev
Sakamoto, Yasuaki
Murai, T.
Shibuya, M.
Asahara, T.
Yoshioka, H.
Suzuki, E.

Examination of levitation of thin non-magnetic conductor by ac electoromagnet type electro dynamic suspension
Daigo, Tagami
Susumu, Torii

Design and experiment of “U” shaped iron-magnetic guideway interacting with HTS “runner” for lift and guidance of vehicle
D’Ovidio, Gino
Crisi, F.
Navarra, A.
Lanzara, G.

State of levitation of Linimo (HSST system) during EXPO2005
Morita, Minoru
Fujino, M.

Design and Development of the Transrapid TR09
Tum, Michael
Huhn, Gregor
Harbeke, Christian

Crash Safety System of the Maglev Vehicle
Liu, Xiufei
Zheng, Qinghua
Ebmeyer, Joachim
Hufenbach, Werner
Jaschinski, Jörn
Kunze, Klaus

On the influence of structural flexibility on feedback control system stability for EMS Maglev vehicles
Alberts, Thomas E.
Oleszczuk, G.

A Time Delay-Based gain Scheduled Control For Electromagnetic Suspension System
Sung, Ho-Kyung
Jho, Jeong-Min
Cho, Heung-Jae
Kim, Bong-Sub
Lee, Jong-Min
Kim, Dong-Sung
Shin, Byung-Cheon

Control system and experimental results on a PM maglev test bed
Foglia, Gianmaria M.
Castelli Dezza, F.
Di Gerlando, A.

Passive Guidance Forces of Polarized Linear Motors Combined With Levitation Actuators Working in Partial Vacuum – Application to Swissmetro
Cassat, Alain
Espanet, Christophe
Bourquin, Vincent
Jufer, Marcel
Perey, Raphael

Design considerations for the hunting and braking performance of Maglev vehicle utilizing permanent magnet EDS levitation system
Kehrer, Karoly
Mc Kenna, Volus
Kratz, Robert
Topic 4
Safety and Operational Control

From commissioning to scheduled services – the way to regular services for the maglev line between Munich Central Station and the Airport
Rudolph, Arthur
Schulz, Karl-Heinz

Application Design Assessment Engines
Kron, Hans H.

Magplane Design for Safety and Risk Assessment Framework
Giras, Ted C.
Montgomery, Bruce D.
Lin, Zongli

Safety Assessment for the Maglev Vehicle TR09 – an approach based on CENELEC railway standards
Steiner, Florian
Steinert, Winfried

Safety Assessment for the Maglev Operation Control and Overall System – Experience Gained and Lessons Learned
Otto, Wolfgang
Sawilla, Alfred

Novel train position detecting system in the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line
Morishita, Kazumasa
Kitano, Jun-Ichi
Maeda, Takayuki
Saegusa, Hidetaka
Fukukawa, Kouji

Multi Service Radio Communication for MAGLEV and Train Systems
Egner, Peter
Brühl, L.
Dangelmeyr, J.
Schienbein, M.

Commissioning Operation Control Systems
Kron, Hans H.

High-speed maglev availability methodology – adapting the existing availability methodology to an automated transport system using the example of the high-speed maglev line between Munich’s central railway station and its airport
Klüber, Helmut

Training and Supervision of the Vehicle Maintenance for the Shanghai Maglev Transrapid Project
Xu, Chunguang
Wolters, Carsten
Wegerer, Klaus

Maintenance criteria for renewal of operating licence
Friedrich, Hans-Peter
Kügler, Hans-Georg

The investigation of accidents and incidents regarding the safety directive of the European Union
Rebentisch, Michael

The role of the safety concept within the approval process
Meine, Klaus

Munich Central Station – Airport Maglev Safety Concept
Mahr, Ingrid
Graf, Thomas
Vandersee, Christian
Janssen, Thorsten

Passenger evacuation concept as applied for the Munich Transrapid, taking particular consideration of possible fire incidents
Heyn, Jürgen
Janssen, Thorsten
Graf, Thomas

New Operation Control System Release for the Transrapid Test Facility, Emsland
Zudse, Alfred
Girod, Frank
Schneider, Axel
Topic 5
Propulsion, Linear Motors and Energy Supply

Inductive Power Supply (IPS®) for the Transrapid
Bauer, Markus
Becker, P.
Zheng, Q.

The support magnet cladding with integrated IPS® pick-up coil of Transrapid vehicles
Diekmann, Andreas
Hahn, W.
Kunze, K.
Hufenbach, W.

Optimization of the Transrapid Propulsion System
Nothhaft, Jürgen
Engel, Markus

Development of ground coils for the Superconducting Maglev
Ishihara, Hiromori
Yoshikawa, Keizo
Fujimoto, Tsuyoshi
Ota, Hiroaki

Analysis of the reliabilities of maglev train power system with DFTA method
Long, Zhiqiang
Cai, Ying
Ye, Jun

Contact-less energy transmission for Maglev
Jufer, Marcel
Perey, Raphael

Diagnosis and evaluation techniquefor superconducting magnet and ground coils
Takahashi, Kiyoshi
Inoue, Akihiko
Suzuki, Masao

Test Results of Superconducting Magnet for Simplified Ground Coils
Iwamatsu, Masuru
Ogata, Masafumi
Asahara, Tetsuro
Herai, Toshiki

Comparison between resonant and PI controllers for thrust control of a permanent magnet linear synchronous motor
Remy, Ghislain
Barre, P. J.
Degobert, P.
Hautier; J. P.
Zeng, J.

A Gap Detector of Linear Synchronous Motors in the Maglev System
Wu, Jun
Li, Lu
Zhou, Wenwu
Long, Zhiqiang
Chang, Wensen

Contactless inductive power supply
Meins, Jürgen
Turki, Faisal
Bühler, Günther
Czainski, Robert

Equivalent Circuit Model with Parameters Depending on Secondary Speed for High-Speed Transport - A Smart Combination of Classical Modeling and Numerical Electromagnetic Calculation
Nozaki, Yuichiro
Yamaguchi, T.
Koseki, T.

DTC-based Position and Velocity Control for PM LSM Carrier at LowSpeedRange
Jian, Linni
Shi, Liming
Li, Yaohua

Direct Thrust Control by Direct Gap Flux Measurements for Linear Induction Motors
Wu, Jun
Zhou, Wenwu
Long, Zhiqiang
Chang, Wensen

Third Generation Flywheels For High Power Electricity Storage
Fiske, Jim O.
Ricci, M. R.
Topic 6
Guidance and Infrastructure

The Guideway
Schwindt, Gert

Guideway Maintenance
Hauke, Ulrich

Transrapid Guideway: Safety Assessment on A New Design of Long Stator Pack Fastening
Bohlscheid, André
Steinert, Winfried

Comparison of the geometrical requirements for guideways of Transrapid and wheel-on-rail
Suding, Ansgar
Jeschull, Bernd

Basis- and In-service-Inspection of Track and Vehicle Components of the Transrapid
Rockstroh, Bernd
Kröning, Michael
Dobmann, Gerd
Kappes, Wolfgang
Walte, Friedhelm
Kretzschmar, Frank

Development of guideway sidewall using ultra high strength fiber reinforced concrete
Tamagaki, Tatsuya
Hara, Keisuke
Mine, Yukihisa
Tanaka, Yoshihiro
Zhao, Weijian

Electromagnetic vibration test for durability verification of ground coil
Tanaka, Minoru
Aiba, M.
Suzuki, M.

Simulation of Dynamic Interaction between Maglev and Guideway using FEM
Han, Huyung Suk
Kim, Young-Joong
Shin, Byung-Chun
Kim, Byung-Hyun

MSB-Track-2010 - A new guideway for the TRANSRAPID
Bachmann, Hubert

Primary constructions for traversing traffic routes with the maglev train
Schmitt, Christian
Friedrich, Nathalie

Actual Development in Guideway Constructions at the Example of the Transrapid Munich Project
Grossert, Eberhard

Comparison of at-grade or elevated Guideway Construction and Railroad Tracks
Jehle, Peter
Schach, Rainer
Naumann, René

Aerodynamic Aspects of Maglev Systems
Tielkes, Thorsten

Various aspects of aerodynamics and their implications on the design of the tunnels and underground stations of the magnetic levitation high-speed link in Munich (MAGLEV)
Reinke, Peter
Ravn, Stig

Displacement behavior of shallow foundations under cyclic loading
Meißner, Simon
Quick, Hubert
Arslan, Ulvi
Zimmer, Christina

Tribological Optimised CFC-Gliding Elements and Ceramic-Coatings on the Gliding Strip for the Transrapid System
Löser, Friedrich
Zheng, Qinghua
Bauer, Markus
Hufenbach, Werner
Kunze, Klaus

A new guideway for Transrapid – The Munich girder
Antlauf, Walter
Schöll, Ludwig M.

Guideway Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Hybrid Girder Design
Venkatesh, Mandyam C.
Jeter, Philip L.

Analysis of Electromagnetic Force and Vibration caused by Passing Maglev Train on Guideway Switch
Lin, Ying
Cao, Xuefeng
Zheng, Shubin
Shi, Liming

Dynamic behavior of guideway switch beams
Dignath, Florian
Liu, Xiufei
Zheng, Qinghua

Research on Alignment Planning & Designing of High-speed Maglev Guideway
Huang, Jin-yu
Wang, Guo-qiang

Transrapid Guideway - Some suggestions for improved inspection methods and design
Droese, Siegfried
Sperling, Dirk
Empelmann, Martin

Alignment measurement and control of maglev track
Shao, Junchang

Magplane Guideway and LSM Heat Transfer
Montgomery, D. Bruce
Fang, Jiarong
Chen, Min
Topic 7
Economic and Planning/Feasibility – Studies

Transrapid in the context of urban and regional transport planning
Raschbichler, Michael

High Speed Maglev Systems: Aspects of Prospects and Limitations.
Klühspies, Johannes (due to a mistake not mentioned in the printed programme brochure)

Complex optimization of parameters of Maglev systems is a basic condition of their implementation
Lascher, Arkadij
Umanov, Mark
Prishedko, Helen
Frishman, Evgeni

Transportation Market Study Yangtze Delte
Köhler, Reiner

Magplane China Pre-Feasibility Studies
Montgomery, D. Bruce
Wenlong, Guo

Transrapid – Munich Main Station – Munich Airport Project management for planning, engineering and design from pre-design to approval
Borchardt, Heiko

Feasibility study of an HTS-Maglev line at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Stephan, Richard M.
David, E. G.
Costa, G. C.
Ferreira, A. C.
de Andrade, R. Jr.
Nicolsky, R.
Moreira, M. A. C.

An Entire Comparison of Maglev and High-Speed Railway Systems
Naumann, René
Schach, Rainer
Jehle, Peter

A Study for High Speed Transport in Paneuropean Corridor IV
Fengler, Wolfgang
Platzer, Gerhard

Operating Concept and System Design of a Transrapid Maglev Line and a High-Speed Railway in the pan-European Corridor IV
Fritz, Eckert
Stephan, Arnd

Risk Evaluation of the Guideway by Stochastic Approaches
Schach, Rainer
Jehle, Peter
Naumann, René

Transrapid in Great Britain – Project UK Ultraspeed
Kruse, Jochen
James, Alan



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