2000 Brazil: The MAGLEV 2000 Conference

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The 16th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives (MAGLEV 2000) took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 7-10, 2000.



The Test Results and Plan of Maglev Development in Japan - Hiroshi Nokasimia; lsoura Katsutoshi

Transrapid on the move - Hans Christoph Atzpodien

Transrapid - Performance and Characteristics - Luitpold Miller

The Inductrack Approach to Magnetic Levitation - Richard Post; Ryutov Dmitri D.

The Maglev Deployment Program of the United States - Arrigo Mongini

Update of the Swissmetro Project - Michele Mossi; Nicolas Macabrey.

Total Running Test Operation of HSST 100 and the Project of East Hill-Side Line in Nagoya - Masaaki Fujino; MasaoTanaka; Syunzo Ishimoto

Research and Development of High Temperature Superconducting Maglev in China - Wang Jiasu. Wang Suyu, Zhu Min, Ren Zhongyou, Jiang He, Tang Qixue


Electric Urban Transit Technologies for the Reduction of Air Pollution in Cities - Tony R. Eastham; Eisuke Masada

Safety of high speed Maglev trains of the "Transrapid" type - Joachim Blomerius

Market Potential and Strategies for Application Internationally - Manfred Wackers

The Maglev Technology Program in Germany, A Successful, Public Private Partnership in Research and Development - Dieter Rogg; Michael Witt

The Transrapid-Testfacility, (TVE) Testbench for Safety-Standards in Commercial Operation - Metzner Jöerg


Main Test Results on the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line - Kan-ichiro Kaminishi; Kiyoshi Takahashi; Akio Seki; Yutaka Osada; Toyoji Tanaka

Results of electrical experiments on the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line - Tsuyoshi Nakashima; Kaga Shigeo; Ohtsuki Hisao

Transrapid Maglev System - System Characteristics and Performance Potential - Raschbichler, Hans Georg, Christian Rausch

Swissmetro - Comparison Between Fixed short Stator linear, Motors and on Board Stator Variants - Alain Cassat; M. Rosenmayr; N. Macabrey; M. Jufer

A small Maglev car model using YBCO Bulk Superconductors - WM. Yang, L Zhou, Feng Yong, P.X. Zhang, J.R. Wang, C.P. Zhang, Z.M. Yu, X.D. Tang, W Wei, X.Z.Wu

Test results for qualification of the Maglev vehicle Transrapid 08 - Miller Luitpold

Commissioning of the TRANSRAPID Operations Control, System in Linkage of Subsystems - A. W Van Zyl; R.J. Cruise; C.F. Landy

Swissmetro and Transrapid Comparison of Electromechanical, Components and Power Supplies in a Specified Vacuum Tunnel Environment - Alain Cassat; M. Rosenmayr; N. Macabrey; M. Jufer

Innovation dynamics in Maglev design- the case of Swissmetro - Pierri Rossel; Roland Mantilleri


A Study on Dynamic Response of Maglev Guideway Structure - Masashi Suzuki; Tohru Kajikawa; Yasuyuki Goto; Hisashi Watase; Masamichi Sagabe; Nobuyuki Matsumoto; MakatoUeno; Yuji Shijuku

The Guideway of the Transrapid superspeed Maglev System - Hans Georg Raschbichler; Gert Schwindt

Implementation of the Steel Guideway Production, for the TRANSRAPID- System - Oswaldo Rodriguez

Guideway Monitoring Systems for the High-Speed Maglev Train Transport - Nieters Willi; Snieders Gerold; Runde Hans-Gerd


A Basic Study on the Flying Highway Systems Using a Smart Maglev Pallet - Motoyuki Minakami

Design of Superconducting Magnets for Uniform diamagnetic Levitation - Hong-Beom Jin; Y.K. Kwon; K.S. Ryu

Design and Evaluation of a High Temperature Superconducting Maglev System Utilizing a Single-Excitation Source - Kris Vandenbrouke; Rupert J. Cruise; Charles F. Landy; Ari Zachas; Malcolm D. McCulloch; Gary Barnes

The Brazilian Project for a Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Train - Roberto Nicolsky, Richard Stephan, Rubens Andrade Jr., Antonio Carlos Ferreira


A hybrid Control Scheme for Electro-Magnetic, Suspension System of HSST - M. Shida; EisukeMasada; Jyunpei Baba; T. Shimogata.

Active Magnetic Damper Using Linear Generator in EDS Maglev - Murai Toshiaki; Hasegawa Hitoshi; Yamamoto Takamitsu; Fujiwara Shunsuke

On The Robustness of Flux Feedback Control for, Electro-Magnetic Maglev Controllers - Roger M. Goodall

Control Refinement for a Benchmark Problem with Resonances - Paulo Sergio Pierri; Roberto Moura Sales

Fuzzy Control of an Axial Magnetic Bearing - José Andrés Santisteban; Sérgio Roberto Mendes

Theoretical Studies and Experimental Activities on EMS, Levitation Devices for Maglev Transportation Systems - Francesco C. Dezza; Antonio Di Gerlando; Gian Maria Foglia

A Hybrid Maglev System for Urban Transportation - Pei-Jen Wang; Wang Liang-Yuan

Static and dynamic Potential wells, Counterflux Electrodynamic Levitation as Possible alternative maglev - Systems

O.I. Gorsky; Dzenzersky Victor; E.A. Zeldina - Numerical Simulation of the Air Flow Around the Swissmetro Vehicle

Michele Mossi - EDS Levitation and Guidance Using Sheet Guideways - Richard Thome; Alexei Radovinsky


Maglev Suspension and Propulsion Design for the NASA HiLiFT Wind Tunnel Concept - Donald M Rote; Brian Concannon

Dynamic Behavior of the Maglev Vehicle with Combined, Propulsion, Lift and Guidance Scheme - T. Kimizuka; E. Masada; J. Baba; J. Fujie

Pulsed LIM in Maglev Applications - Kent Davey, Don Rote

Integrated Electromagnetic Levitation and Guidance System for the Swissmetro Project - Aldo D'Arrigo; Alfred Rufer

The Transrapid Propulsion System - Results of Operation - Uwe Henning; Rolf Hellinger; Jurgen Nothhaft

Development of combined Propulsion, Levitation and Guidance coil in EDS Maglev - Fujimoto Tsuyoshi; Murai Toshiaki; Suzuki Masao

Integral Linear Switched Reluctance Machine Based Guidance, Levitation and Propulsion System - R. Krishnan; B.S. Lee; P. ValIance

Design of a Magnet Levitation and Propulsion System with Two Degrees of Freedom - Alexandre Brincalepe Campo; Felipe Pait

Swissmetro - Vector control for a Homopolar Synchronous Linear Motor - M. Rosenmayr; AlainCassat; H. Stemmler

Swissmetro and other applications -Potentials and limits of energy transfer system by linear transformer - Nicolas Macabrey; Alain Cassat


The Aerodynamic Characteristics of the "MLX-01 ", Yamanashi Maglev Test Line Vehicles - Tsuruga Hitoshi; Terai Motoaki; Hosaka Shiro; Sawada Kazuo; Tagawa Naoto; Kozuma Yuichi

Aerodynamic Phenomena of underground high-speed trains - Michele Mossi; Vincent Bourquin; Remi Gregoire

Experimental Tools to Improve the Design of Future, High-speed Transportation Systems - Vincent Bourquin; Michele Mossi

Numerical Simulation of the Air Flow Around the Swissmetro Vehicle - Michele Mossi

MHD Coaxial Thrusters for Marine Vessels - Kovalev L.K; Koneev S.M.-A; Larionoff Poltavets V.N.; Kovalev K.L


Linear Induction Motor Losses and Efficiency Considerations - Renato C. Creppe; Gilio A Simone; Carlos R de Souza; Paulo J. A. Serni

Comparison of Linear Induction Motors with Copper and Aluminium, Primary Windings - Jacek F. Gieras

Dynamic Analysis of the Linear Induction Motor - R.S.T. Pontes; E.B. Santos; L.M. Neto

A New Vector Control Algorithm of LIM And, Prove By Coupled FEM with Control Algorithm - Jung Ho Lee; Jung Chul Kim; Dong Seok Hyun

Sensor-less control of linear induction motor considering its asymmetric parameters - Toshimitsu Morizane; AIfred Rufer; Noriyuki Kimura; Katsunori Taniguchi

Development and Analysis of a Novel electromagnetic Planar Actuator - Aly Ferreira F. Filho; Altamiro A. Susin; Marilia A. da Silveira

An Option for Linear Position - José L. Domingos, Luciano Martins Neto, Marcelo A.A. Araùjo, Euler B. Santos, Darizon A. Andrade

3 Degrees of Freedom Control Zero-Current Magnetic Levitation, for Flexible Transport System - Jiangheng Liu; Koji Yakushi; Takafumi Koseki; Satoru Sone

Finite Element Analysis of a Synchronous Linear Motor - Silvio Ikuyo Nabeta; Ivan Eduardo Chabu; Alvaro Batista Dietrich; José Eduardo Cardoso

A Transverse Flux Linear Synchronous Motor, with a Passive Secondary Part - W. Evers; H Elschenbroich; G. Henneberger

Performance evaluation of a modified tubular linear synchronous motor - A W Van Zyl; R. J. Cruise; C. F. Landy

An Optimum Control Timing on the Secondary Cart for a Discontinuous Arranged Linear Synchronous Motor Transfer System - M. Kajioka; M. Watada; S Torii; D. Ebihara


Linear motor for industrial application: prototype, testing and feedback on the design stage - F. Profumo; A. Tenconi; G. Gianolio; A.Agliotti

Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid-hoist for Ultra Deep-Ievel Mines - Rupert J. Cruise; Charles F Landy

A Linear Induction Motor Applied to a Guillotine - Pontes R.S.T.; Neto L.M.; Camacho J.R.; Silva R.V.R


Application of Active Magnetic Bearings for the Identification of Dynamic Coefficients of Journal Bearings - E. Knopf, R. Nordmann

A Proposed Controller for Bearingless Induction Drives with Search Coils Wound Around Stator Teeth - Koji Yasuda; Tomonori Kuwajima; Akira Chiba

An Hybrid Levitating Rotor System with Radial Electromagnetic, Motor-Bearings and Axial-Superconducting Bearing - Domingos F. B. David; Arthur Ripper; José Andrés Santisteban; Richard M. Stephan; Rubens de Andrade Jr.; Roberto Nicolsky; Del Nero Gomes

High Speed Cutting (Hsc) with a High Frequency Spindle with Magnetic Bearings - Weingaertner Walter Lindolfo; Markus Kurt Müller

Magnetic Bearing for an Autonomous Transport System, with a Normal Force Evolving Linear Drive - Ingolf Gröning; Gerhard Henneberger

Dynamic Behavior of a Magnetically Borne Rotor - Roberto F. De Noronha; Leonardo Tadeu G. Lima; Paulo César V Dos Santos; Telmo M. Leite Jr.; Geraldo M. P. Gomes

Theoretical Model Validation of an Axial Magnetic Bearing - Antônio Carlos Ferreira; Richard M. Stephan; Sérgio Roberto A. Mendes; J.A. Santisteban


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