2021 Brazil: ISMB17 Conference

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The 17th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings (ISMB17) will take place in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, from 18 to 21 August 2021. [...]

The 17th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings (ISMB17) takes place in South America in Rio de Janeiro from 18 to 21 August 2021.


The conference is organized by Prof. Dr. Richard Stephan from the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Due to COVID-19, the ISMB17 had to be postponed from December 2020.

  • Submission of Abstracts: March 1st, 2021
  • Submission of Full Papers: June 20th, 2021
  • Information on ISMB17: ISMB17 Conference Website


Maglev Cobra in Rio de Janeiro. Photo jok



Main Topics

  • Active magnetic bearings (AMB)
  • Passive magnetic bearings (PMB)
  • Eletrodynamic bearings (EDB)
  • Superconducting magnetic bearings (SMB)
  • Hybrid bearing systems
  • Self-bearings (bearingless) motors
  • Smart bearings
  • Sensors, actuators, power electronics for magnetic bearings
  • Self-sensing (sensorless) techniques
  • Modeling, simulation, design and identification
  • Advanced control
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Safety and reliability aspects
  • Fault detection, diagnosis and tolerance
  • Back up/Touch down bearings
  • Components and materials
  • Industrial, medical and aerospace applications
  • Superconducting and high Tc superconducting magnetic applications
  • Blood pumps, vacuum pumps and canned pumps
  • Flywheels
  • Low loss and low power consumption magnetic bearings
  • Ultra high speed bearings
  • Micro bearings
  • Electromagnetic suspensions (EMS)
  • Electrodynamic suspensions (EDS)
  • Diamagnetic levitation
  • Electrostatic levitation
  • MagLev Trains
  • Other related new fields