2021 Russian Federation: The MTST'21 Conference

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The MTST'21 Conference was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, May 26, 2021, at the PGUPS Emperor Alexander I State Transport University.

The MTST'21 in St. Petersburg; Russia was a hybrid event with online blocks (Zoom video conference) and face-to-face lectures. It was organized by PGUPS University in cooperation with RusMaglev, the Deggendorf Technical University and the International Maglev Board.

The conference online participation was free of charge. There was a maximum number of online participants due to restrictions by Zoom.

Here the official call for papers with all relevant dates:

8th International Scientific-Practical Conference
“Maglev Transportation Systems and Technologies” (MTST’21)
will be held at the Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University, May 26, 2021

Dear colleagues!

We kindly invite to you to take part at the 8th International Scientific-Practical Conference “Magnetic Levitation Transportation Systems and Technologies (MTST’21), which scheduled on May 26th 2021 in a mixed mode (on-site and off-site). The Conference will be held at Emperor Alexander the 1st Saint-Petersburg State Transport University under support of The International Maglev Board and Scientific-Engineering Cluster “Russian Maglev”.
The conference dedicated to the issues of implementation of maglev transportation technologies in Russia, including Saint-Petersburg – Moscow high-speed line.
The Conference MTST is the only practice focused event in Russia for the discussion of relevant issues of maglev technologies development and implementation of maglev transport. The demand for magnetic levitation transportation technologies has the highest importance for solution of accessibility by transport task: from development of innovative passenger transport for city agglomerations to construction of transit high-speed cargo transport corridors “East – West” and “North – South”.

Topics of the Conference MTST’21

 Strategic development of magnetic levitation transport, global and regional projects;

  • Rolling-stock and systems on board;
  • Active track structure;
  • Infrastructure, traction substation;
  • Guideways construction technologies;
  • Economic aspects of maglev lines.

Round table “Maglev and HSR: proper solutions for Russia” 

the first Russian platform for the discussion of advantages of maglev and high-speed railways technologies implementation in Russia, which attracts the world leading experts

Key dates

April 4th 2021: Registration opened
May 16th 2021: Abstracts submission deadline
Please send abstracts by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
July 1st 2021: Papers submission deadline
Please send papers by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
May 24th 2021: Conference registration deadline for participants without presentations
May 26th 2021: Proceedings of MTST’21

Attendance form for the 8th International Scientific-Practical Conference “Maglev Transportation Systems and Technologies” (MTST’21) is available at the Conference official website:  http://mtstpgups.ru/application-for-participation.html

For online (Zoom) participants of MTST’21 we organize an online broadcasting from the Assembly Hall of Saint-Petersburg State Transport University in Russian and English (simultaneous translation).

The link to the Conference at ZOOM will be sent out to all the participants of MTST’21 in advance before 09:00 AM Moscow time May 26th 2021

The extensive information you can find at the official website of the Conference MTST’21 www.mtstpgups.ru

Program Committee